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About me

  • I am an experienced Ruby developer who had sucessfully deployed variety of Rails applications. I also worked on distributed applications using EventMachine and ZeromMQ. I love using open-source solutions on daily basis and contributed to number of them. My priority is to deliver applications meeting bussines requirements that are profoundly well tested.

    Although Ruby is my passion and first choice when it comes to programming languages I try not to limit myself. We see every day that webdevelopment requires more and more complicated solutions on frontend. For that CoffeeScript with bunch of JavaScript libraries can do the job. Sometimes you might even need tight integration with browsers. I have developed extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

    I always try hard to share my knowledge with coworkers and learn from them as much as possible.

    You can hire me as a contractor for a limited number of hours per week. I can develop as well as review code. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Work experience

  • since May 2009


    Old Road Studio, owner

    Consulting, supporting and code reviewing web applications.

  • since November 2011

    Ruby (on Rails) & CoffeeScript developer

    Arkency, full time

    Working on distributed, eventend, multi-threaded and multi-processes chatting application.

    • Implementing business logic with asynchronous libraries
    • Monitoring and fixing production server
    • Consulting and documenting protcol used to communicate between server and mobile clients.
    • Testing and implementing communication with external services for sending notifications (APNS, C2DM, SMS).
    • Measuring business and technical metrics using collected, munin and Librato Metrics

    Developing context-menu extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox that allowed to translate selected words using multiple dictionaries.

  • June 2010 - September 2011

    Ruby on Rails developer

    Gavdi Poland, full time

    Developing from scratch a framework for creating HR applications based on Rails 3

    • Implementing and testing business logic
    • Managing staging server
    • Managing environment for automatic testing and deploying applications
    • Cooperating with external contractors to deliver clean and coherent layout
    • Implementing extensions allowing to easier and faster translate application
    • Extending ActiveRecord behavior with additional validations and callbacks
    • Creating knowlede base about problems and their solutions provided by the framework
    • Implementing widgets for managers and coworkers to quickly find tasks awaiting their actions
  • May 2009 - June 2010

    Ruby on Rails developer


    Developing TV platform application including protocols for communication with set-top-box devices, back-office panel, and customer area.

    • Integration with Plug'n'Pay and Cenpos payment gateways
    • Refactoring and developing modules:
      • one-time and cyclic payments for subscriptions
      • reporting
      • customer service
    • Automatic and manual testing
    • Performance optimalizations including SQL queries
    • Supervising testing and staging environments
    • System maintenance
    • Training for new coworkers
    • Analysis of apprentices' test results
  • November 2008 - April 2009

    Ruby on Rails developer

    open-source, full time

    Creating open source, accounting application for managing home budget: Manage My Money as final university project

  • July 2007 - December 2008

    C# developer

    Comarch, ⅗

    Developing extensions for ERP applications such as CDN XL and Comarch Altum. Leader of team creating an application for calculating and sending German tax forms.

Conducted trainings

  • November 2011

    Introduction to Ruby

    5-day long training for beginners. Included all major aspects of Ruby that are necessary to start working with it.

  • October 2011

    Integration testing

    Testing classic Rails application with browser but also communication with external applications providing services for Rails app. Toolset: BBQ, Capybara, Test::Unit, XPath, Inbox and custom tools developed specifically for the customer.

  • March 2011

    Unit testing

    Two-day long course showing benefits of using unit testing to build more modularized and better designed software.


  • Ruby on Rails Advanced Ruby, Rails, Metaprogramming, external libraries, deployment, monitoring.
  • ZeroMQ . Creating distributed applications that communicate via ZMQ messages. Acceptance testing of multi-process software. (ffi-rzmq, em-zeromq)
  • Event Machine . Asynchronous evented programming with fibers for marking synchronicity. Testing of such software. (em, em-synchrony, em-mongo, em-zeromq, em-c2dm, em-apns, em-bulksms, em-clickatell, em-toadhopper, em-jsonrpc, goliath)
  • Testing Advanced BBQ, Test::Unit, Shoulda, Mocha, Capybara, Hudson
  • Javascript . Prototype, jQuery, Unobtrusive Javascript, Coffeescript
  • Databases . Mysql, Postgresql, Mongodb, Memcache, MSSQL, XPath
  • Frontend Beginner (X)HTML, CSS, Gimp
  • Deployment & server mangement Extensive experience Linux, Capistrano, Webistrano, Bundler
  • Git Moderate experience

Coderwall badges


  • May 2011

    Rails best practices

    Rails best practices was created by Gregg Pollack, a member of Envy Labs. Fat Model / Skinny Controller pattern; effective use of scoping and filter; nested attributes; using models without any database attached to them; using effective REST; Presenters; Memoization; and the Rails 3 Responder Syntax; database indexes; protecting attributes from hackers; callbacks; custom validators; db queries optimalization; using a complex counter cache; advanced helper methods; block helpers; using yield.



  • Dolnośląski (Lower Silesian) Ruby User Group - DRUG

    I often speak at DRUG meetings. I was an organizer of the first wroc_love.rb conference edition and was responsible for the blog: .


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